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Oils& Knife , Wacom


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Water color & oil . Wacom

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Alot of my starseed family understand, but some of my other friends think I am completely nuts. I have been studding this for a long time , and in some places on the web have had great conversations with very educated people in the matters , and it appears according to all ancient teaching, scriptures ,and religions given to us from the people who claim to be there in the very beginning as well as a few enlightened souls that came to correct the perversions in the teachings man has changed to suit his own needs.

You can debunk the “ancient astronaut ” thing as much as you want , but when contemplating GOD you must also consider the possibilities. Absolutely everything on this earth is called terrestrial with the acceptation of objects that entered our atmosphere from other places. These objects are called “Extraterrestrial ” , and not from this rock we call home. This would make anything such as God , angels , and any being not from this planet ETI or extra terrestrial intelligence . Before you scoff , and start quoting scripture let me beat you to it.
When Jesus was in front of the lynch mob ready to be killed Pilot turned to him and said . ” You know I have the authority to set you free”
“John 18:36 CSB
Holman Christian Standard
Jesus said
“My kingdom is not of this world,” said Jesus. “If My kingdom were of this world, My servants would fight, so that I wouldn’t be handed over to the Jews. As it is, My kingdom does not have its origin here.”

    To all you scoffers , and sheeple “NO” Every where it states “Heaven ” or “Heavens” the reference is made to the SKY . To be in a place to where you know everything, and everybody , and you can do anything you ever wanted with everybody that ever existed is also a heaven , of Haven . You can even pave the streets with gold if that is what you wish . This place is called pure consciousness. Not as in something you are aware of , but that which allows you to be aware of anything. ( different convo  ) Anyway  recent findings at an alarming rate suggest that not only is there planets like earth right up to 98.9999% , but we have a few very close to home .
Why is it so hard for one to believe that God could have made people on another planet ? They are there , and we have proven that , but not only that EVERYTHING ever considered sacred to our species suggest this is very , very real.
But don’t believe me  Listen to what Jesus said.
And to top it off , and give credit to the Idea , how would you explain the fact that ancient cultures knew of this stuff in great details like stars , and planets when the technologies to observe these are just being discovered today. To know these things would suggest they had equipment far more superior than Hubble , or been in direct contact with the ones who came from the sky. Ermmm…. Heavens

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The mother of all things.
Original Wacom & ArtRage3 done with metallic oils , and knife.

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“Far, through strange spaces, have I journeyed into the depth of the abyss of time, learning strange and yet stranger mysteries, until in the end all was revealed. Know ye that mystery is only mystery when it is knowledge unknown to man. When you have plumbed the heart of all mystery, knowledge and wisdom will surely be thine.

Seek ye and learn that Time is the secret whereby ye may be free of this space.
List ye, O man, and hear a mystery stranger than all that lies ‘neath the Sun. Know ye, O man, that all space is filled by worlds within worlds; aye, one within the other yet separate by Law.

Hark ye now and list to the wisdom. Use thou the word I have given unto thee. Use it and surely thou shalt find power and wisdom and Light to walk in the way. Seek thee and find the key I have given and ever shalt thou be a Child of the Light.”


From the Emerald Tablets 

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