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To any individual who has decided to take a chance on flipping through these pages , I extend my hand as thanks for giving it a chance. I do not consider my self a writer so please be understanding if I stray from the normal format that is typical , or proper in this profession . I do however consider myself at times Bat shit crazy , and have a tendency to fly off into space .IMG_20140201_162844

I feel what one calls normal these days very frighting , and horrifyingly similar to a good Zombie movie . I find joy in exploring ancient civilizations, culture , and religions , and walk a universal path . I believe God is the same no matter how you choose to express or worship .

Artist, musician, father, brother , weeding through life. I love art in any way expressed , and attempt to do this in everything I do. I am a thinker most of all . I enjoy seeing the good in the bad.        My Mayan sign says I am a Star seed , and old soul. According to the Mayan belief, the good heritage from the ancestors comes to the Lamat / Rabbit child in the family. This situation is described as a” star seed”


Posted March 10, 2014 by Naos

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